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  • Keller ISD is currently undergoing a Long-Range Facility Planning process to explore ways in which the District can better serve students and teachers in the built learning environment. 

    Building on the District's Strategic Visioning process completed in 2018, the Long-Range Facility Planning process involves participation from parents, staff, and community members to help Keller ISD administrators assess the status of current facilities and future facility needs. These individuals form KISD's Long-Range Facility Planning Committee, working in subcommittees to represent specific program areas with the goal to formalize long-range facility plan for Keller ISD. 

    The Long Range Facility Planning Committee Kick-Off Meeting 

  • The Education Specifications Committee had the second Summit last night….great things are being developed for all students of Keller ISD! More to come!

    Keller ISD Meeting 2

The Ten Year Business Plan

  • The Keller Independent School District established a 10-year business plan back in 2007 that helps identify and plan for facility and program needs from year to year. Enrollment growth, facility assessments, and an ongoing evaluation of trends in student activities and programs helps identify the work that needs to be planned out. This plan is reviewed with our Board of Trustees annually. 


New District Education Specifications

  • To effectively begin the Long-Range Facility Planning process, the District is currently engaged in the development of new Education Specifications that will be utilized through the year 2030.

    What are Education Specifications?
    Education Specifications are design standards and concepts used by school districts to guide new school facility construction and major space renovations to create engaging and effective learning environments. By Texas law, districts are required to adopt Education Specifications. Keller ISD's current Education Specifications were developed in 2005-2006. Education Specifications define, both narratively and graphically, how learning may occur, and establish performance expectations for Keller ISD facilities, by incorporating principles and strategies for successful teaching and learning within the built environment. In developing these Education Specifications, Keller ISD is embracing modernization of its facilities to align with and support next generation learning as envisioned by the District's core values and KISD Visioning

    Education Specifications Committee
    The Education Specification Committee gathered for a summit on November 28, 2018, to review trends in educational architecture, envision and define the experiences needed by Keller ISD students and teachers, explore typologies of spaces needed to support the intended experiences, and develop the spaces that will facilitate teaching and learning in Keller ISD to the year 2030. This Committee consists of District administrators, teachers, and staff. 

    Click here for the full presentation from the Education Specifications Summit

Upcoming Meetings

  • Long-Range Facility Planning Committee Meeting 1:
    6-8 p.m. December 13, 2018

    Education Specification Committee Summit, Part 2: 
    5-7 p.m. January 16, 2019 - Texas Rooms, Ed Center Building

    Long-Range Facility Planning Committee Meeting 2:
    6-8 p.m. January 22, 2019 - Keller Center for Advanced Learning

    Long-Range Facility Planning Committee Meeting 3: 
    6-8 p.m. February 21, 2019 - Board Room, Ed Center Building

    Long-Range Facility Planning Committee Meeting 4: 
    6-8 p.m. March 8, 2019 - Keller Center for Advanced Learning Building